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Guelph's Home Repair and Maintenance Team that Works Round-the-Clock for Your Home's Upkeep

According to real estate experts, the Guelph real estate market is all set to experience a boom of about 13% in 2022. Adding to the list of hot properties, we have Grange Road, which will see stupendous growth.

No matter which part of Guelph you reside in, every homeowner needs instant and convenient access to a property maintenance company.

Whether you want to get your light bulbs fixed, your gutters and downspouts to be cleaned, or get your electrical lines inspected, our licensed and qualified experts at Service Pro Contractors can handle any home repair and maintenance job under the sun. From Downtown and St. Patrick’s Ward to Exhibition Park and St. George’s, we provide home maintenance services in every area at Guelph.

Boasting an affordable standard of living and great amenities, Guelph has emerged as one of the best cities for raising a family. With the ever-increasing population, the real estate market has also witnessed a boom. Whether you wish to invest in a property for living or investment, maintaining your investment is key.

Instead of randomly calling over unreliable technicians, trust Service Pro Contractors’ experts to tackle your home repair needs. Our team brings over 15+ years of experience. We thoroughly vet and screen our professionals. We offer a wide range of home care services—from electrical, plumbing, and the general handyman to home addition/renovation—you name it.

If maintaining your home’s longevity is your primary goal, or you wish to resell your home, consider investing in our monthly subscription-based home maintenance plan. You can avail of any of the three plans: Regular / Premium / Elite. So, what makes our plan unique? Here are four compelling reasons:

  • We offer a free 20-point home inspection annually
  • We provide special discounts on our qualified contractors’ rates and services
  • You will get proactive and priority service
  • You won’t need to pay for overtime or any kind of extra after-hours fees for the services on offer

For more information, get in touch with our team and book a consult right away.


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