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Adding a Touch of Regality and Refinement to Your Home Addition Project

Wish to add a new room for your growing family? Want to increase your home’s value and rework some areas? Or maybe, you want a bigger and more functional bathroom.

Whatever your needs, you don’t need to build a completely new house to make space (quite literally) for your home addition project. While in most cases, going back to the drawing board may seem like a great idea, in the case of home addition projects, it is not.

Additionally, remember that your home addition and renovation projects don’t need to be shoddy or half-baked attempts at getting things ‘added’ or ‘fixed.’ Service Pro Contractors’ monthly home maintenance subscription comprises a unique blend of home addition and renovation services—ones that are expertly planned, keeping ‘you’ in mind. Our prices are competitive. Our services are diverse. And our team is knowledgeable and skilled.

Here’s how our plan works.

What It Takes to Plan Your Home Addition Project, With Us As Your Trusted Sidekick

  • Step 1: Our team starts by confirming the by-laws required for areas you wish to add to your home. Then, our qualified architects enter the big picture to begin the planning process with you as our collaborative partner. The end goal is to understand and interpret your customized requirements to the T on paper so we can bring it to life as envisioned.
  • Step 2: The team then submits the permit and initiates the approval process with the concerned government body. Once we have the building permit at our disposal, we focus on rolling out the construction process.ices are more affordable than you think
  • Step 3: With our experts and specialists at the helm, every step is planned. For complete transparency and honesty, each phase of the build is priced and invoiced separately.

Why Go with Service Pro Contractors? 3 Compelling Reasons

One, it makes logical and financial sense to invest in our monthly subscription plan for your home addition needs. Why? Because we ensure you are protected by not collecting deposits on the entire scope of work; we only collect deposits on the phase that is currently underway.

Two, we are a proud member of the Canadian and Ontario Home Builders Association, where we have pledged to be professional and protect our clients by using the highest-quality materials and skilled craftsmen. We also place a lot of attention on ensuring the complete safety of our projects.

Three, we focus on bringing to life custom home additions that can accommodate your every need—no matter how big, small, unreasonable, or odd as it may seem.

With over 15+ years of combined experience in building extensions and home additions, our team is well worth your time and investment. We’ll not only help you design your project but also ensure that it gets completed on time and within the stipulated budget. We also conduct a final inspection of your home addition to ensure that no stones were left unturned in bringing your home addition ideas to life, one project at a time.


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