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Bathroom Services

Why Service Pro Contractors?

Because We Don't Let the Idea of the Bathroom of Your Dreams Go Down the Toilet...

Looking for a bathroom remodelling expert in and around Toronto? Look no further than Service Pro Contractors. Our monthly home maintenance subscription plan throws light on several bathroom renovations and remodelling ideas that are worth considering.

We understand that renovating a bathroom is a home pet project for many. People often spend hours on Pinterest boards and dig up relevant Instagram hashtags to come up with killer design ideas. We get it; we’ve done it!

However, the bathroom remodelling and renovation process is not one without challenges. It takes a lot of planning to come up with design ideas that will suit your customized needs—both aesthetically and monetarily. Our team of experts understands this core need very well. Some of the design features you must rethink include:

  • A walk-in shower: The days of a bathtub are long gone (at least for some homeowners). People today prefer a walk-in shower area, generally in the shape of a cubicle, to prevent the water from flowing out.
  • A shower bench: Though not supremely popular, a shower bench has been an idea for ages. Imagine if you could enjoy the warmth and steam of a hot shower sitting down instead of standing up. This is where a shower bench can help you unwind and add a greater level of safety while you shower.
  • A double vanity area: If you have the luxury of space, why not have a double vanity area? This will allow two family members to get ready for the same, at the same time—without any morning rush or fights. This one's a keeper.
  • A stand-alone bathtub: If you have a master ensuite bathroom, we would suggest giving it a European touch by placing a beautiful stand-alone bathtub. The tub can double up as your personal spa area. So, sit back and relax and let the troubles of the day melt away.
  • A heated floor: A heated floor may sound like a risky proposition, but it is not. If installed correctly, this idea can transform your bathroom into a cozy and comfortable space. If you live in an area that's perpetually cold (as most of Canada is), you need a heated floor in your bathroom. No more dreading getting out of a warm, steamy shower with heated floors!
  • Addition of mosaic tiles or other trending tile patterns: If you want to up your bathroom game, you need to add mosaic tiles to your shower area or bathtub walls. This will not only add a beautiful visual element to your bathroom but also transform it cost-effectively. When it comes to tiles, a little effort goes a long way!

The Real Question: How much do bathroom renovations cost?

Before you jump into the bathroom renovation project, you should draw out a rough estimate and budget. Your renovation project costs can vary dramatically based on the design selected, the scope of work, and of course, the quality of materials used. It will also vary depending on the number of features and functionalities you want.

Our team will provide you with a detailed quote outlining each task that is to be performed. At Service Pro Contractors, we pay special attention to your customized needs and lay out the scope of work accordingly. Our 24×7 customer services also ensure that you are always kept in the loop with respect to any developments or changes during the project cycle.

To give you a rough idea, note that a basic 5 x 8 bathroom renovation cost should start at $12,000 (and upwards). For a more precise estimate, reach out to our team.


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