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Our renovation services

Quality Renovation Services that are More Than
Just a Face-Lift

Renovation services go beyond adding ‘finishing touches’ or giving your home a ‘superficial face-lift.’ Our experienced home repair specialists can get to the root cause of the home repair/maintenance issue and breathe new life into your home.

Whether you want emergency home repair services or seasonal home repair services, we can help. With our subscription-based model, you can enjoy monthly home repair savings without compromising on the maintenance quality of your life’s biggest asset—your beautiful home.

That’s not all. Our monthly payment model offers a predefined number of inspections across various services such as electrical, renovation, and general handyman services. You can cater to all your home requirements, no matter how diverse your need.

Renovations Services that Go Beyond Remodeling

Home Addition Services

Want to add a functional and aesthetically-pleasing room to your home but don’t have the courage to kick-start the work? It can get overwhelming.

Why not engage our team of home renovation experts who don multiple hats to give you the home renovation of your dreams? From designing and conceptualization to understanding feasibility and driving project management, our team is well worth the investment and effort.

Whether you want amazing craftsmanship, superior quality, or timely intervention—we deliver on all accounts.

Kitchen Services

A remodeled kitchen can bring life to your home. Whether you have specific storage and functional requirements or want a high-end design to completely transform your kitchen, place your trust in the hands of our experts who come with 15+ years of experience.

We will not only help you to navigate the kitchen renovation process every step of the way but also provide design style options, all under one roof.

If a professionally remodeled kitchen is on your bucket list this year, you don’t need to put it off any longer. We will take the effort to understand your unique requirements and offer customized ideas that will reflect your individual taste and personality.

Bathroom Services

Bathroom remodeling and renovation is no joke. You need an expert who can tread the fine line between functionality and aesthetics.

Let’s say you’ve just got a gorgeous shower chamber installed. Unfortunately, the chamber is situated right next to the toilet. Now, what will happen is that each time you use the toilet, you’ll have to be wary of not bumping into the glass or scraping your elbows with the door handle when you sit on the toilet.

This is why you need to leverage the services of our trusted bathroom renovation experts. We blend style with functionality to give you the bathroom of your dreams. Don’t worry about the scope of work. Even if you have small changes, our team is ready to help.

So, whether you want a complete remodel or a small tweak to your existing bathroom, our licensed bathroom remodelers can help you select the right hardware and accessories. All you need to do is book a free consultation with our bathroom renovators and sit back and relax!

Basement Services

Basement renovations have gained an unpopular reputation for being hard on your pocket—not with Service Pro Contractors’ monthly home maintenance subscription plan.

Our basement renovation services are affordable and can be customized to your needs. Our team ensures seamless project delivery on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction.

If you already have some Pinterest-worthy basement remodelling and renovation ideas up your sleeve, we’d be happy to discuss them. Come on over, and let’s have a chat.


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