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Repair Services

No Matter the Repair Issue, We Will Remedy It

Looking for high-quality repair services that get the job done right the first time around?

You need to invest in our monthly home maintenance subscription plan, which offers a host of repair services—from fixing bathroom accessories to caulking projects for showers, tubs, and countertops; think of us each time your home demands a repair.

Our pricing is affordable, our timing is right, and our execution is faultless. With the plan, you’ll also get added customer service support and impeccable service 24×7. Believe us when we tell you that our monthly home repair plan will save you valuable time and costs in the long run.

Here’s a quick run-through of the repair services you can benefit from:

  • Floor repairs: We offer the best flooring solutions for all kinds of flooring options—from hardwood and laminate to vinyl and linoleum. Whether you want to get these installed or repaired, consult with our team and book an appointment right away.
  • Tile repairs: Tile repairs are not only aesthetically necessary for your home's upkeep but also prevent serious issues such as mold growth. If your tiles are starting to look workout, chipped, or downright ugly, trust our team to repair your tiles or install new ones as needed.
  • Deck repairs: Decks are statement-making corners in any home. They help create a formidable first impression in the onlooker's mind. Whether you are struggling with a dirty deck or a wobbly one, our deck repair experts can tackle your seasonal or general repairs right off the bat.
  • Caulk and seal around windows and doors: Falling window seals are a recipe for disaster. They look unsightly and can lead to bug infiltration if not treated in time. Let our experts take over your caulk and sealing projects and give your windows as well as doors a breath of fresh air.
  • Weatherstripping replacement: Our weatherstripping professionals understand the importance of keeping your home protected and insulated at all times, regardless of the changing weather or seasons. When it comes to weatherstripping, you definitely don't want to go the DIY route as it requires specialized tools and knowledge to get the job done right.
  • Uneven/cracked sidewalks: Does your driveway or sidewalk need repairs? Instead of playing hopscotch on your driveway, get in touch with our team to get rid of potholes, cracks, and puddles.
  • Foundation parging: If your foundation parging is falling or cracking, you'll need to immediately call in an expert to get it checked. Consult with our team, who will inspect it thoroughly and understand where the root cause lies. We will then provide alternative solutions to fix the issue.

At Service Pro Contractors, we believe that repair services should not be treated as quick fixes. Our skilled experts are adept at fixing anything that might be broken or need a little tinkering. They have also been trained to use their experience, intuition, and technical know-how so that no repair work goes unnoticed.


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