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We deal in all kinds of plumbing services. Our highly qualified plumbers provide assistance in maintenance.
We deal in all kinds of plumbing services. Our highly qualified plumbers provide assistance in maintenance.
Looking for a painting or renovations company. We'll manage painting, flooring, lighting, & decor.
We provide air conditioning service, repair maintenance support 24/7, delivered by qualified service engineers.

Keeping a trusted handyman at your disposal is a good home maintenance best practice. When you’re juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities, small (and odd) home maintenance repairs, installations, and cleaning jobs often take a backseat—not anymore.

Our monthly home maintenance subscription plan is the solution to ensuring you are always on top of your home care “to-do” list. Leave the grunt work to our experts and enjoy high-quality service at affordable costs every single month.

360-degree Handyman Services that Cover Every Aspect of Home Maintenance


Home maintenance is a vast area—you’ve got to take care of your sump pump, exterior vent, fire extinguisher, kitchen as well as bathroom caulking and sealing—the list goes on.

If all this seems like endless work, know that it is. This is why you need to delegate the heavy-duty work to our experienced and well-trained professionals who can tackle every maintenance job under the sun, no matter how small or odd.


Whether it’s tile repair, deck repair, floor repair, weather stripping, foundation parging, or cracked sidewalks, no matter which area of your home needs repairing, we’ve got a solid solution backing your home investment.

Our team of home repair experts is acclimatized to crazy work hours. They come with 15+ years of experience in repairing every crack, chip, stain, etc., known to man. Don’t let your “to-do” list exhaust you; place your trust in our team and see the work get done in no time at all.


Home installation is often coveted by homeowners. People dream of installing their favorite Ikea cabinet and want to put in the effort, sweat, and tears on a typical lazy Sunday afternoon. But installing a furniture cabinet or mounting a TV wall is easier said than done. One wrong nail on the wall, and you’ll be left with a gaping hole in the middle of your living room.

Instead of worrying about installing your statement pieces, let us take over and do the job within minutes. We’ll listen to your customized needs and provide a befitting solution.


Our cleaning services tackle some of the most ignored jobs on any homeowner’s checklist—be it barbecue cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, gutter and downspouts cleaning—you get the drift, right?

If you don’t have the will or time to get your cleaning underway, get in touch with our cleaning experts. Whether it is power washing your driveway or cleaning your kitchen’s exhaust fan, you won’t need to worry about any leftover stains or spots. Our professionals will do a thorough job all the way through.


Assembling your garden shed all by yourself is nothing short of a miracle. Instead of breaking a sweat and struggling to get the parts assembled to build a foolproof and safe shed, why not leverage the services of our professional garden and shed builders and assemblers? They can lend you a helping hand or two and get the structure up in no time at all.

We also cater to any furniture and cabinet assembly needs. Speak to an agent about our monthly subscription plan and get your needs, well…assembled.

Patch & Painting

Painting and patchwork is infinitely more complicated than it sounds. While popular TV shows and movies might make it seem easy, it requires more than a ladder and a roller. You need to analyze any underlying issues that may be causing stains, cracks, water leaks, mold growth, etc. Painting a fresh layer of paint is truly a part of the last mile.

Instead of worrying about the inspection and repair work on your walls, simply select the color you’d like to see on your walls and let us worry about getting the heavy-duty stuff (you’re welcome).


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