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Inspection and Testing

Why Service Pro Contractors?

Because Our Inspection & Testing Services Have Stood the Test of Time

An unsafe electric installation is a recipe for danger. For example, a very low voltage can cause a spark that is strong enough to set off an explosive atmosphere. A high voltage (higher than 50 volts) can injure people grievously. Moreover, you can get seriously injured with an electric shock if your home’s environment is damp or contains a lot of metalwork. This is why Canadian electrical regulations mandate all electrical systems as well as equipment that are used within your workplace or home to be in a safe condition.

So, if you are looking for a reliable service provider who can provide cost-effective electrical testing services, look no further than Service Pro Contractors. We provide inspection and installation services in Toronto, Durham, York, Mississauga, and surrounding areas. Our team of professionals brings to the table over 15 years of experience in fixed installation testing and periodic inspection and testing.

To stay ahead of your electrical needs, we suggest you go for our monthly home maintenance subscription plan—of which electrical inspection and testing is a vital component. Our plan will offer you the following benefits:

  • Prompt and professional service
  • Personalized solutions based on your specific needs
  • 100% work commitment towards customer satisfaction
  • Free quotes/estimates
  • 24×7 customer services by a reliable and efficient team

Prior to starting any job, our licensed electricians understand your current needs (and regulations) to ensure we are kick-starting work on the right foot. Our competent electrician will then advise you about electrical safety. If the problem is more specialized, they will direct you towards an appropriate electrical engineer to provide advice in specialized areas.

Our thorough electrical inspection program ensures that your home or workplace is safe and meets all the required regulations. Leverage the services of our qualified, licensed, insured, and competent electrical engineers who are BS7671-compliant.


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